Dance Pad Troubleshooting

Most dance pad malfunction is temporary, caused by a glitch in the settings (for example, your left arrow may seem “broken” but in actuality, the setting for the left arrow is corrupted). These issues can easily be resolved by resetting your Step It Up settings.


Please load Step It Up from the arrow icon on your desktop. In the Main Menu, click on ‘Troubleshoot / Fix Pad’. Then click on ‘Reset Dance Pad’. You will be prompted: “Are you sure you want to delete…? Click ‘Yes’. A popup will inform you that the deletion was successful. Click ‘OK’. You will then be asked whether you want Step It Up to set up your dance pad. Press “Yes”. It will ask “Will you be using Step It Up with more than one player?” If you have 1 dance pad, click ‘No’; if you have 2 dance pads, click ‘Yes’. Then Click ‘OK’ on the next message. Return to Main Menu and click Launch Game.

If your problem has not been resolved, kindly follow these steps to test your dance pad (if you have more than one pad, conduct this test one at a time):


Windows 10 users: On the lower left hand side near the windows icon, in the search box (where it states “type or speak to me”), type joy.cpl and press enter.
Windows Vista, 7 or 8 users: Click on the Windows icon on the lower left hand side on your desktop and type joy.cpl in the white search box above. Press enter.
Windows XP users: Click Start, click Run, type joy.cpl, and then click OK.

If your pad is listed, click on Properties and go the TEST tab:
    a) Check whether the buttons on the computer screen light up when you step on each arrow.
    b) Try triggering the same button a few times in a row to test responsiveness (do not stomp on the pad).
    c) Also check whether any of the buttons are always lit, regardless of whether you are stepping on it or not.


If all ports fail to read your device, then your pad has malfunctioned.


If you have a basic dance pad, replacements can be purchased HERE.
If you have a deluxe pad with foam inserts, replacement covers can be purchased HERE.
For further troubleshooting, email us HERE.